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BEL Block - Waterless

The block that we use has 5 bacteria strains SPECIFICALLY SELECTED FOR USE IN URINAL BLOCKS with very good Urease action. These bacteria will work in low air anaerobic conditions e.g. pipe work and continue to work much longer than a standard block.

By reducing urinal flushings, savings can be made and scale build up on urinal surfaces avoided.

Benefits & Features;

Product Details

The inclusion rate of the block gives a bacterial count of 1.6 billion per gram (ie 20 gram block contains 32 Billion bacteria). The strains are fast replicators so they work quickly on the waste stream and can also recover well if a cleaner inadvertently uses a disinfectant on the urinal.

We believe that it is more productive to use the correct strains of bacteria and allow them to feed and grow on site and not simply buy an “off the shelf” concentrate and blend this into our formulation. This is why the K block has been specially formulated using SPECIFICALLY SELECTED, strains of bacteria with very good Urease action.

These bacteria work in low anaerobic conditions (ie pipework etc).

Where to use;

Because BEL Blocks do not contain Para dichlorobenzene they are safer to use and store than pDCB blocks, especially where children or handicapped people may come into contact with cleaning agents. BEL Blocks are suitable for use in all types of urinals, stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic troughs. BEL Blocks can be used in toilets & washrooms with history of odour problems and slow running outlets as they will improve flow rates and reduce odours.

How to Use;

K Blocks are available as 20g blocks for loose application.

For loose application, place BEL Block in each urinal, or one every 50cm in trough urinals, Replace when block has dissolved to maintain maximum efficacy.

Note: Check the current urinal pipework to ensure a fall of at least 20°, Clean or replace pipe work/traps (we advise replacement of bottle trap with a “p” trap)

Washroom Use

Safe and suitable for all types of urinals.

Water Control

Reduce water usage and scale buildup.

Typical Product Analysis;


Solid block


Dark Blue





Shelf life in closed container:

1-3 years

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