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Grease Trap & Bio Dose

Bio-Dose is a unique formulation developed to break-down grease, fats, proteins, cellulose and starches which are normally difficult to eliminate and clog waste disposal systems.

Product Details

Bio-Dose is a blend of non-ionic surfactants, enzymes and highly concentrated, naturally occurring bacterial strains from the genus Bacillus that produces lipases, amylases, proteases and cellulases with an oxygen release system.  It works, quickly and effectively with no harmful effects on plumbing and does not create odours or noxious gases. The bacterial strains are preserved using preservatives and become activated when exposed to water and shortly begin production of the enzymes required to biodegrade these insoluble substrates. The strains of bacteria are ravenous feeders of organic waste. As this digestive process begins, the water slurry of waste is dark and cloudy, as the organic matter is biodegraded by the bacteria; the slurry becomes light and clear.

Suitable for use in:

Bio-Dose Will maintain septic tanks, grease traps and complete sewerage treatment systems.



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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) contain all the technical information you need for safe handling and to comply with legislation.


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Kitchen Use

Effective management of grease for professional kitchens.

Grease Control

Avoid illegal spillage of fat and grease into drains.

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Pack of 4 x 5 litre £79.00

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25 litre container £98.75

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