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Eco Sleeve

Most managers know that if a washroom has a persistent malodour visitors/staff perceive it as dirty and smelly. Therefore finding and eradicating the source of the malodours is essential.

These malodours are usually the result of the partial degradation of urine and other body fluids by bacteria in the environment. These bacteria see urine as a food source – as the bacteria grow, so does the smell.

Product Details

Urine results in the build up of uric salts which if left untreated forms uric scale which is insoluble in water and is difficult to remove. When uric scale is combined with limescale you have the potential for both smells and blockages. Many companies have installed water reducing systems without using biological assistors to break down the uric salts.

The inclusion rate of the block gives a bacterial strength of 1 billion per gram.  The strains are fast replicators so they work quickly on the waste stream and can also recover well if a cleaner inadvertently uses a disinfectant on the urinal.

However with insufficient water flowing through the pipes the build up of uric scale and sludge, will become inevitable.

Extract from “why do we need enzymes”

“Enzymes actually out-perform germicidal cleaners because they digest the host material where the germs and odour causing bacteria live and reproduce. Germicidal cleaners will kill germs and odour causing bacteria but because they do not eliminate the host organic material, new bacteria can and will begin to reproduce very soon after the germicidal cleaner has been used.”

Massive reduction in water and sewerage charges

A standard urinal flushing 4 times per hour will use just over 150,000 litres of water per annum. Fit the Eco-Sleeve; reduce the flushes required to 4 per day and save over 140,000 litres of water per annum. Average savings per annum = £270.  Savings can be greater dependant on Water & Sewerage charges.


Washroom Use

Reduce washroom odours.

Water Control

Reduce water usage.

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Single Eco Sleeve £25.00

Replacement block £2.50

Eco Sleeve kit £55.50

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“Using the Eco Sleeve system has significantly reduced water usage within the University and produced financial and labour savings. Our water cost savings are in the region of £30,000 pa”

David Greaves

Building Services Advisor

Northumbria University