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Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant

Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant is a disinfectant, cleaner, deodouriser for use in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, animal quarters, nurseries, surgical, residences and institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination. Nemesis Antimicrobial has an effectiveness combined with a stability and low toxicity not normally found in other disinfectants.

Now safe and effective long lasting deodorising can be achieved. Only offensive molecules are captured and eliminated, safely and effectively. Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant eliminates malodours and noxious gases caused by micro – organisms, mercaptans, amines, sulphides, acids etc.

“Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant combats Car Sickness”

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Product Details

Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant presents no health risk to either humans or animals.


Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant is the Weapon of War against the causes of Disease, Illness and Material Destruction.

Proven Effective Against:

Directions for use:

In the past fragrances have been commonly used to mask offensive odours. However, ordinary fragrances eventually dissipate and offensive odours reappear. The effectiveness of a deodorant product that relies solely on fragrance for odour control is obviously limited. Odouractant represents a technological breakthrough in malodour and noxious gas control. By linking a proprietary malodour and noxious gas eliminator within a special subtle fragrance, an effective deodorant complex is created.

Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant is a carefully constructed proprietary complex that synergistically combines numerous active ingredients into a proven safe and effective deodoriser fragrance. It is manufactured via an exothermic reaction synthesis, creating a one of a kind blend.

The result of this process is a water-based compound that has the ability to capture offensive molecules and hold them hostage. The process of elimination by Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant occurs immediately upon contact with offensive molecules.  Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant will remain effective and control malodour and noxious gases as long as it is available.

The biocide components of Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant effectively penetrate the protective shells of bacteria and destroy them on contact. This component also retards the regrowth of surface bacteria.


Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Also known as second-hand smoke, is a mixture of the smoke given off by cigarettes. etc and the smoke exhaled from the lungs of smokers. This mixture contains more than 40 substances known to cause cancer. Second-hand smoke has a pungent odour that lingers in fabrics and other porous materials.

Airborne Dust

May contain moulds, fibres, animal dander as well as tiny dust mites. Particles seen in a shaft of sunlight include dead mites and their waste products. It is the waste products that actually provoke the allergic reaction. Some pathogenic microorganisms “hitch a ride” on airborne dust particles and infect new victims through the breath that they take.   

Now you can greatly reduce the pathogens that cause illness and disease, remove mould, mildew and fungi, while you eliminate unwanted gases and odours.  

Infection Control

Effective in fighting the causes of a range of diseases and illnesses.

General Cleaning

Use for general cleaning to help eliminate odours.

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